Sunday Bloody Sunday

Traditionally, Sunday is known as a ‘day of rest‘, yet often it’s the only day you have to catch up on all things annoying. And when I say annoying I mean housework and homework and the like.  So maybe I should restate and say really bloody annoying things;  But as we all know, sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do to get where you want to go, usually these things are a necessary evil.  To live a life of balance and have it all – a productive Sunday and a restful one – I guess you have to be both passive and active.  So today, after a long brisk sit (I mean it’s the day of rest after all right?)  I hit the spa and the sauna for a meditation and stretch, well I sat in a spa and unwound so that’s good enough to qualify as a meditation in my eyes, and then I had a long, luxurious, sweaty stretch, 70 minutes of relaxing bliss yet a ‘workout’ none-the-less. To me Sunday is such a sacred day, it’s my chance to reset, recharge and prepare for the week ahead, so today I made my own nutrient water.Image

A cool refreshing watermelon and mint concoction that not only rehydrates me after my Sunday sauna but also helps to detox me and replenish vital nutrients. Ah bliss.

OK, end bliss…housework time!


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