That’s right, we are off to Spain.  In our heads we have already fallen in love with Barcelona, eaten too many olives and gasped in awe as our toes were licked by the Mediterranean Sea…we are yearning to touch down in Madrid.

Yes, I said yearning.

Last year Jasmine worked really hard and received an RSL grant for her academic and sporting achievements and what better way to use the grant than to attend a prestigious international taekwon-Do competition in Spain.  I’m privileged to be going with her.Image

The Open Aragon Championships in Zaragoza are hosted by multiple world champion and all round beautiful man Mr Christian Oriolani, 5th degree. In its 8th year, the Aragon Championships have already proven to be a popular competition destination for the world’s best ITF Taekwon-Do practitioners.  No Australians have been before, I guess this makes us the first.  Very sexy being the first.

Right now we are working hard on kicking combos and drills because we aren’t going there to lose, we are going there to punch and kick our way to gold medal glory, with love and good sportsmanship of course.

First stop, mental preparation.  As Bruce Lee said, “strength does not come from a physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will”.    We have to get our competition minds in order, we have to know we are in with a shot.

Next stop, pad work.

Desearnos suerto.

It’s Spanish, look it up.  🙂



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