Beyond Belief?

Belief can be a complex thing…it is born out of competence and in the case of Taekwon-Do, physical prowess. To believe in yourself in Taekwon-Do or in any of the martial arts and physical arts, you need to be and feel physically strong, flexible and also have solid technique. That’s not disputable. Being at your physical best then lends itself to feelings of confidence in the art and that in turn creates a self fulfilling prophecy. So what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Do you get better physically therefore believe mentally or believe mentally and therefore get better physically?
Both. Rhetoric.
It’s not just about being better physically, it comes down to how these two things feed into your ability to ‘perform’, and that’s what it is about, how you ‘perform’…your mental and physical performance are not mutually exclusive, they work hand in glove, it’s peas and corn, salt and pepper, it’s the sun in the shine, you need them both to win…what good is physical capability without mental faith, you will still lose…and what is the good of the right mental attitude if you have a physical deficit? You need both…You must work on both…you must simultaneously work on your physical body and your Taekwon-Do skills while working on your mental attitude as the are inextricably linked.
To work only on your physical skills is a waste of time, but do not solely work in the mental realm, it is a drain and will get you nowhere. Success is born of the capacity to work tirelessly on both your physical self while nurturing your mental fortitude too.
The psychology of belief and of wining and losing is an iceberg and this is a single snowflake of the tip of the tip.
Rafael Nadal has lost his fair share of matches but losing a match does not a bad tennis player make. Unless he believes it so.


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