us4COACH ATHLETE is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the training, nutrition and mental preparation of amateur Taekwon-Do athletes.

The dynamic, unpaid, amateur martial art and sport of Taekwon-Do sees these Black Belts striving for excellence in the art by focusing on physical finesse and technical mastery, after all the Taekwon-Do journey is life long.

Coach Athlete will give you great training and fitness tips, fight drills, delicious recipes and other things to keep you motivated towards your own personal health and fitness goals.

Any competitions that Coach Athlete attend are self-funded or partially financed through very generous sponsorship or donations from outstanding individuals, businesses or corporations.  Coach Athlete’s next step is to compete internationally.

Being on the Gold Coast in Australia sometimes means that access to a Taekwon-Do Masterclass is limited, however that does not stop Coach Athlete from dedicating themselves 100% to their training.  beachtrgOften they have to engage in non-traditional and alternative training techniques. they may be the ‘Mavericks’ of the Taekwon-Do world but their excitement and passion is never questioned.  Coach Athlete’s commitment and dedication is so well known that they have been invited to speak at local schools on the subject of ‘Leadership‘, ‘Discipline‘, ‘Achievement and Goal Setting‘ and various other topics relevant to people who are brave enough to fight for success.

Coach Athlete eat well, train a lot, laugh often and make sure they stay motivated but they don’t do it alone, they have a small but amazing support network in the way of former Army personnel and the local community, not forgetting of course, their loved ones – family, parents, brothers and friends.

SPONSORSHIP: Their outstanding success and high level of current motivation has secured them sponsorship from the RSL (in the form of a grant), Tomi Health Physiotherapy, members of the local community, and HiDOW Australia – PainPods and most significantly the Government operated Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre.   If you want to do something great for these hungry, amateur athletes and think you can help them succeed please contact Coach Athlete on the form below 🙂


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