The Wind Beneath Their Arms

They would hangout in groups of just two

Always knowing just what to do

They’d watch the tide drop

Standing still on their rock

Like a well-carved and living statue.


I would watch them watching the ocean

While applying my sun tanning lotion

They would stand and not speak

For not hours but weeks

Like under the spell of some potion.


Often they did not even walk

But just watched the water like hawks

Then soared way above

The ocean they loved

While I stared and speechlessly gawked.


It was weird to see them just fly

Way up high like the birds in the sky

But they flew and they flew

Above the deep blue

Flapping their arms and going so high.


I once saw these people who could fly

That’s not true, I’m telling a lie

How I wish that they could

But they stood and they stood

Then dramatically pointed at the sky.

Awood © 2014

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All photos taken by me and published with consent of the subject.