The Writer

AMATEUR ATHLETE:  A 3rd Degree Black Belt with the International Taekwon-Do Federation and a senior (35+) amateur Taekwon-Do athlete and coach who has represented her country at the elite level. She is a qualified school teacher, personal trainer and coach and was a nominee recipient for a Sports Achievement Award.

natHer success at her first ever World Championships was brilliant. In the Australian team she received the highest points tally overall with a total of 3 medals – Two Golds: individual power breaking and team power breaking, with a bronze in special technique.

She works relentlessly with any students she has. The demanding training schedules she has set ensures that everyone remains in peak condition. Prior to the world champs she had only ever entered one competition, so for her second ever tournament, the result of world power breaking champion is pretty cool.

Above and beyond Taekwon-Do she holds 3 university degrees is a writer, poet, passionate cook, travel addict, creative artist and actor,  fashion lover, novice surfer, communicator and public speaker and then does whatever else  takes her fancy.


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